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Podcast encompassing the struggles, laughs, and crazy interactions of the lives of many postal employees. From Carriers, to clerks, to Management. Take a walk in the shoes of a postal employee. The Postal Blues podcast is about taking a walk in the shoes of a postal employee. We interview all crafts, including management. The stories I have personally accrued in just six years of being a postal employee has been all but boring. being in multiple offices I can say without a doubt all walks of life come to work for the postal service. Sharing crazy stories and laughing about working with the public is how we all manage to stay sane. I wanted to take these stories and share them with the world. the good the bad the funny and everything in between. This is where you will find a positive postal community, coming together through all the struggles.Disclaimer: The Postal Blues podcast is in no way shape or form representative of the united states postal service. Any opinions expressed are that of the individuals being interviewed, and not of the USPS.